Indications for chemoprophylaxis

1.   PPD 5mm or greater PLUS: HIV, abnormal CXR, new conversion (DOCUMENTED negative within prior 2yrs).

2.   PPD 10mm or greater PLUS: chronic steroids (15mg/day or greater), renal failure, DM, gastrectomy, transplant, malnourished.

3.   PPD 10mm or greater, 35yrs old or younger, PLUS: homeless, health care worker, from endemic area.

4.   PPD 15mm or greater, 35yrs old or younger


PRIOR pos PPD: look at CHANGE

1.   IF 35yrs old or younger and PPD increases 10mm or more.

2.   IF >35yrs old and PPD increases 15mm or more.


Lecture by Johanna Daily 11/12/98